The Role of MANS&C

Our volunteer board of directors and legislative counsel:

  • Monitor proposed and pending legislation and regulations that would affect the interests of our members
  • Inform the members and develop appropriate actions or strategies to address important legislation and regulations
  • Represent MANS&C at legislative, administrative and committee hearings and in personal meetings with legislators and state officials
  • Develop relationships at all levels of state government to further the interests of MANS&C members

Although many organizations inform and represent individual institutions on various issues, MANS&C’s special role is to represent the interests of a unique group of educational institutions – private independent schools, colleges and universities in Massachusetts. No other statewide organization has such a broad constituency.

Communicating with Members

MANS&C directs communications to presidents and heads of school, chief financial officers and business managers, and governmental affairs officers of our member institutions. These leaders usually are charged with legislative and regulatory compliance and assessing the financial implications of public policies and programs.

Through e-mail, the MANS&C Web site and the MANS&C Quarterly Newsletter, members receive:

  • Regular reports about new legislation that affects our institutions
  • News about activities within the executive branch of Massachusetts government
  • Bulletins on the status of important legislation and calls for action by our institutions
  • Information on our members’ economic importance to our communities and useful tips on how to improve local ties

MANS&C members also have the opportunity to meet with key legislators and government leaders who are guests at board meetings and our Government Relations Meetings. Face-to-face meetings are the best way to share our mutual concerns about important issues and to develop personal relationships that can be of lasting benefit to our institutions.

The MANS&C Web site,, provides members with position statements on important legislation and articles of interest, as well as useful links to state legislators, Massachusetts laws and more.